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I realized this doesn't have to be as hard as I was making it

I am a mother of two children who are 6 and 3 years old. Before taking part in Brooke and Michele's workshop, I was feeling frustrated with the way I was interacting with the kids. I was impatient and getting tired of hearing myself saying "no" to them all of the time. Not only did I learn a lot of amazing strategies for interacting with the kids more effectively as a result of Brooke's workshop, I also learned more about myself and why I was responding to the kids the way I was. I felt empowered and was happy to have a positive plan going forward. I realized this doesn't have to be as hard as I was making it, and we have been much happier since.

I also brought my 6 year old to attend Michele's class while I was learning how to be a better parent! I was hoping that he would learn more about visualization, as I believe this is hugely important for children learning how to create their own results. I was amazed at the techniques Michele not only taught him about visualizing, but about increasing his confidence too. He was so excited that he came home afterward and showed his little sister everything he learned! It is almost 3 months post workshop, and my son is still using the eye pillow Michele created. He uses it if he wakes up during the night, and more recently has been using it along with the visualization exercises during the day. I believe he feels more empowered and in control having learned this amazing exercise! Thank-you so much Brooke and Michele! You are truly two special people and thank-you for sharing your brilliance with us.

~ Chris Atley, Business Coach & Mompreneur at www.totalharmonycoaching.com


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