• Brooke Miller

Brooke helped me through a tough breakup

I tell my friends and family that every weekly coaching session with Brooke is a life saver! She has a passion for helping professional, independent and smart women date to find that illusive healthy, loving and happy partnership we have always wanted. Brooke's combination of a strong background as an experienced couples therapist along with her savvy results-oriented coaching are exactly what I need. She helps me not only understand my past, self-limiting behavior and patterns, but has also gently coaches me to the next level of dating so that I know myself and what I want.I am finally thrilled and at ease in the process, am taking positive and consistent action with dating, but without feeling overwhelmed, beating myself up or feeling stuck. Brooke helped me get through a tough break up. When we met, I was moving out of my ex boyfriend's home after a serious but incompatible relationship ended. Two short months later, her coaching, encouragement and wisdom is supporting me through the healthiest, most communicative and happiest relationship that I have ever experienced.

~T. Nguyen, Advertising Professional


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