• Brooke Miller

Brooke took the time needed to get an in- depth perspective of my life

I knew Brooke primarily on a personal level for a very short time prior to working with her as a Life Coach, so she didn’t know much about me before we started our sessions. The reason I feel that it is relevant to mention this is because in the very short time that she coached me, she took the time needed to get an in depth perspective of my life and background – something vital to this line of work.

I was amazed at the progress that was made, from session one to session five. We took a snapshot of my perception on my life and its stages and rated it and at the end of five short weeks, I had made significant growth in setting goals and focusing on moving forward toward them, not always completing them immediately, but definitely moving in a forward motion towards their completion – something I had struggled with for many, many years. Though the coaching sessions didn’t quite make the effort to completing tasks easier, it definitely changed my perception of how attainable tasks and goals were when I focused on the baby steps rather than trying to complete things all at once and seeking that seemingly instant gratification.

I will definitely work with Brooke again and will enthusiastically recommend her to anyone seeking an amazing Life Coach!

~ Hilda Falcon, Fontana, CA


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