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Manifestation 101

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Last week I experienced a process I believe in but sometimes struggle to activate or trust: Manifestation.

Backstory: I have been obsessed with vintage campers (and vintage trucks) for years. YEARS!!! I drive my daughter crazy whenever we’re in the car: “Look at THAT cute little camper! Look at that AIRSTREAM!!!” I get instantly enthusiastic. There’s a slight eye roll as she pats me on the shoulder patronizingly, “Yes, Mama, we KNOW, you love campers.” Then we laugh at me. (She secretly loves them too).

Well, last week something Amazing happened. I was on my way to the office and as I was driving by the Pawn Shop I pass every day, a tiny vintage camper caught my eye. I did a double take, and before I knew it, I was turning right (from the left lane) into the parking lot. As I walked around the camper, peaking in the windows, loudly expressing my enthusiasm, the owner of the shop came out with keys. “It’s so adorable. I wish I could buy it” she said, “but I’m buying a house”. She unlocked the door.

Stepping inside and looking around, I got chills on my chills. There were two newly-upolstered sitting/sleeping areas at opposite ends, a propane-powered oven with 3 burner stove, an ice box and a tiny sink. It was so cute it made me cringe with excitement and adoration. The sign read:

1959 Siesta 5K OBO

I had 20 minutes to get to work and I was 10 minutes away. The rest of the ride in, I turned it over & over in my head. It’s a big impulse purchase but I WANT IT SO BAD!!! We need a guest bedroom for family & friends... I can tow it next summer for Glamping or going to festivals... I have access to the funds…

Once in the office, with 5 minutes before my first client of the day, I made the call. We made the deal. By 6pm that night, la Siesta was parked at the top of my driveway.



And yet, I've been manifesting this camper for over a year.


This formula works in both directions: Desired Result and Undesired Result, so we should always be aware of our feeling state and what we focus on!

Here’s how I manifested la Siesta, and how you can attract what you want into your life too :

  1. Flood yourself with positive messages and reminders about what you want. Focus on your goal by writing about it, talking about it, imagining the feelings of having it, and surrounding yourself with images and affirmations that support reaching your goal. *Here is a picture of my Vision Board that I have been looking at daily for the past year.

  2. BELIEVE you can ACHIEVE the goal. Belief work is the deep inner work necessary to make it happen. Be persistent & patient, it takes time to reprogram our long-held beliefs.

  3. Take ACTION when the opportunity presents itself. Don’t hold rigidly to expectations of how it Should look or come together. Have the Clarity to recognize the opportunity when it shows up (it may be dressed differently than you imagined or pop up at a time you aren’t expecting it).

  4. Acknowledge Fear but don’t let it make the decision. Let the Fear remind you that you are alive, and you are doing something Big. And when you succeed, victory will taste that much sweeter because you took a risk and it PAID OFF!

  5. Say “YES!” Have the FAITH and the COURAGE to say yes to your dream. Replace Fear with Faith -- again and again. And watch the magic unfurl. You are tapping into the miracle of Life!

What do YOU want to Manifest in 2020??

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