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I was struggling with taking time to care for myself.

For the past 3 years I had been under a tremendous amount of stress with me and my entire family’s mental health challenges, i.e., multiple suicide attempts, depression, anxiety, an eating disorder. As a result, all of our relationships with each other were gravely suffering, including my 20+ year marriage. I was feeling out of control and stuck in how to take better care of my needs. As a stay-at-home mom for 20 years I was having a hard time separating from my daughters. Brooke’s classes were also ideal for me to work on tough love, boundaries, and learning how to respond instead of react.

Taking these group classes was a huge step for me in committing to healthy, quality time for myself. Acknowledging to myself and my group that I was worth setting aside time for me was empowering. Having weekly meetings and setting goals for the week was a great way to set a focus and intent. My mindfulness practice was a bit stagnant and Brooke’s classes were the perfect boost I wanted and needed. Being proactive in exercising the discipline I was looking for in my mindfulness practice felt energizing. It truly felt like exercising a weak muscle. It’s been a couple of months since my last group session and what I put into practice has absolutely stuck. I’m much more clear in my boundaries and tuned in to what I need and setting aside time to take care of myself. I also enjoyed the camaraderie of being in a group and being able to not feel alone in my challenges.  

I would wholeheartedly recommend Brooke Miller Coaching for anyone one looking for one on one talk therapy, group classes, or individual coaching. I appreciate Brooke’s diversity and willingness to relate and connect on many different levels. Brooke has a gift of “normalizing” an issue you thought might just pertain to you.


- T.B.

I tell my friends and family that every weekly coaching session with Brooke is a life saver!

She has a passion for helping professional, independent and smart women date to find that illusive healthy, loving and happy partnership we have always wanted. Brooke's  combination of a strong background as an experienced couples therapist along with her savvy results-oriented coaching are exactly what I need. She helps me not only understand my past, self-limiting behavior and patterns, but has also gently coached me to the next level of dating so that I know myself and what I want.

I am finally thrilled and at ease in the process, am taking positive and consistent action with dating, but without feeling overwhelmed, beating myself up or feeling stuck. Brooke helped me get through a tough break up. When we met, I was moving out of my ex boyfriend's home after a serious but incompatible relationship ended. Two short months later, her coaching, encouragement and wisdom is supporting me through  the healthiest, most communicative and happiest relationship that I have ever experienced. 


- T. Nguyen, Advertising Professional

I knew Brooke primarily on a personal level for a very short time prior to working with her as a Life Coach
She didn’t know much about me before we started our sessions, though I feel that it is relevant to mention this is because in the very short time that she coached me, she took the time needed to get an in depth perspective of my life and background – something vital to this line of work.


I was amazed at the progress that was made, from session one to session five.  We took a snapshot of my perception on my life and its stages and rated it and at the end of five short weeks, I had made significant growth in setting goals and focusing on moving forward toward them, not always completing them immediately, but definitely moving in a forward motion towards their completion – something I had struggled with for many, many years.  Though the coaching sessions didn’t quite make the effort to completing tasks easier, it definitely changed my perception of how attainable tasks and goals were when I focused on the baby steps rather than trying to complete things all at once and seeking that seemingly instant gratification.


I will definitely work with Brooke again and will enthusiastically recommend her to anyone seeking an amazing Life Coach!


– H. Falcon, Fontana, CA

I am a mother of two children who are 6 and 3 years old. Before taking part in Brooke and Michele's workshop.

I was feeling frustrated with the way I was interacting with the kids. I was impatient and getting tired of hearing myself saying "no" to them all of the time. Not only did I learn a lot of amazing strategies for interacting with the kids more effectively as a result of Brooke's workshop, I also learned more about myself and why I was responding to the kids the way I was. I felt empowered and was happy to have a positive plan going forward. I realized this doesn't have to be as hard as I was making it, and we have been much happier since. 

I also brought my 6 year old to attend Michele's class while I was learning how to be a better parent! I was hoping that he would learn more about visualization, as I believe this is hugely important for children learning how to create their own results. I was amazed at the techniques Michele not only taught him about visualizing, but about increasing his confidence too. He was so excited that he came home afterward and showed his little sister everything he learned! It is almost 3 months post workshop, and my son is still using the eye pillow Michele created. He uses it if he wakes up during the night, and more recently has been using it along with the visualization exercises during the day. I believe he feels more empowered and in control having learned this amazing exercise! 

Thank-you so much Brooke and Michele! You are truly two special people and thank-you for sharing your brilliance with us.


~ C. Atley, Business Coach & Mompreneur

I have recently been fortunate enough to have come into contact with Brooke Miller's amazing talents.

I had been stuck in a tough situation for the past 5 years with what seemed to have no light at the end of my tunnel! (grief, family problems, addiction, divorce, unemployment...)  I had been seeing a therapist with limited progress and HONESTLY within my first 90 minute session with Brooke, I knew there was going to be a tunnel somewhere that would eventually have a light. We discovered things immediately that needed immediate attention to get the ball rolling back to the "old me"....or the "new improved me". We have had around 6 sessions total now and I honestly feel like a new person with a bright future ahead of me, just like in my past. Her background of therapy applied with her knowledge, common sense, wisdom and sense of positivity resolved issues with real attainable results. Results that set things in motion for a better, more successful future. Not only personally, professionally, spiritually or in one particular area, but as a whole person again! Thank you Brooke, for changing my life for the better. You ROCK!! God Bless You! I really can't thank you enough!

– Leslie R., La Quinta, CA

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the life coaching that you did with me.

I always heard about it and wanted to try it but did not know where I could find a coach or afford one. I'm glad that I met you . You helped me with my procrastinating and my understanding of why I gained weight and why it was hard for me to lose it. I now have a plan for dealing with both. I also wanted to let you know that my daughter and I are still getting along well. It really helped me to look at our relationship through someone else's point of view. I know that she will tell you that although we have never had a bad relationship, there were changes that I made to make our relationship better! 


Thanks again, – Luis C., Rancho Cucamonga, CA  

It is not often when one comes across a life coach/therapist who is supportive, loving, and gentle.

Brooke has a gift for tenderness, yet is able to provide insight and guidance that is in the patient's best interest. I had a very emotional dilemma with one of my best friends. Brooke was able to mediate, allow both of us to express our feelings and needs, and provide a solution that worked for both of us. I truly believe Brooke has a calling and a gift to bring out the best in someone.

– M.M., Chicago, IL

Brooke has an incredibly precise and compassionate way of getting to the heart of the matter and encouraging the best out of you.

She helped me to see ways in which I was blocking myself without judgement. Thanks to her kind insights and suggestions I've been able to implement new habits to tweak my already amazing life. Brooke is the ultimate enhancer to enforce your best life plan. I am incredibly grateful for her gifts and feel that my coaching with her catapulted me to the next level in my business and life.


– S.K.C., N. Myrtle Beach, SC

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