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As a stress and anxiety expert, Brooke Miller Coaching, Counseling and Therapy helps individuals create healthier relationships and maintain a work/life balance.

My mission is my passion: to support clients in their journey to wholeness and authenticity so that they can experience more confidence and joy across each area of life.

Join Us for 6-Week Art of Living Mindfulness Workshop


Hello, I'm Brooke. Click below for a brief introduction.

Help for Acute Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Announcing my very first e-book to help people with panic attacks and acute anxiety.

It’s a short read (13 pages), easy to follow, and walks you step-by-step through a recovery sequence to reduce duration, intensity and frequency of panic attacks. And, it’s priced very affordably to help more people ($7).  


If you or someone you love suffers from panic attacks or acute anxiety, please click below to learn more.  

These strategies help with stress and anxiety too.  Learning self regulation tools can take some time but you are worth the investment!

Bye Bye Benzos - Brooke Miller Coaching, Therapy, Counseling

About Brooke Miller Coaching, Counseling and Therapy

As a psychotherapist and coach, I empower you to break through limiting beliefs and patterns so that you can create healthier relationships and work/life balance.  

Through individual sessions and workshops, you will gain insight, coping tools and an objective sounding board to process through the places where you feel stuck.  


As a stress and anxiety expert, I integrate and teach the wisdom of Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness practices and Mindset Reset strategies to give you the information and skills needed to reach your goals. My style is non-judgmental, empathic, direct, with a dose of humor.

I would love the opportunity to walk alongside you for part of your journey. 
Click here to schedule a free phone consultation.

What's the Difference Between Psychotherapy and Coaching?

Brooke Miller Coaching, Therapy, Counseling
Brooke Miller Coaching, Therapy, Counseling

The most basic difference is this: therapy is focused on healing from the wounding of the past; coaching is focused on achieving our goals with a focus on the future.

​Therapy and coaching are similar but different, and there is certainly some overlap.  Both fall under the umbrella of personal development.  Both involve self reflection and change.

Therapy, as a medical specialty, is most appropriate when there are symptoms or a decline in functioning to address.  Effective therapy often involves some coaching.  Therapy sessions may qualify for reimbursement through your medical insurance.  Check your specific plan to know for sure.

Coaching is most appropriate when we are functioning, yet being pulled to grow and expand outside of our comfort zone. A Christian perspective is offered for those who are seeking a spiritual approach to personal growth. Coaching involves goal setting and skill building with support and accountability to reach the goal. Coaches do not practice psychotherapy.  


The good news is, I do both!

An Invitation

If you’re feeling stuck, struggling in this chapter of life, or having trouble reaching your goals on your own, complete my contact form today to request a 20 minute phone consultation. Let’s see what we can do together!

Education and Affiliations

Master of Social Work (MSW)

California State University, Long Beach, 2004

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

California, 2008 (inactive)

Oregon, 2010 (active)

Arizona, 2022 (active)

Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

Wainwright Global (fka: Fowler Wainwright International), 2012

Relationship Coaching Institute 

Couples Coach Training, 2016

Kendall Summerhawk – Certified Business Coach Training

Money Breakthrough Method, 2015

Sacred Money Archetypes, 2020

Brooke Miller Coaching, Therapy, Counseling

Expressions from Clients

"I found this work so valuable, that I want to dive deeper into it. The five step process has really helped me navigate relationships better and have more empathy for others as well as a different perspective."

– Kim, Oregon
CBT 101 Participant

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