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Close Up Radio Spotlights Brooke Miller Coaching

September 2021 Interview with Jim Masters of Close Up Radio

"While therapy and coaching are similar, there are differences. Therapy helps us address our wounds from the past and correct dysfunctional patterns that perpetuate depression, anxiety and the effects of trauma. Coaching is more future focused, and emphasizes specific results."


Rewiring Our Brains to Break Bad Habits

February 2021 Story/Interview with with Mike Dunn, Kristina Gurrero from The List

What is Mindfulness?

June 15, Interview with Ashley Whittaker

Brooke explains the concept of "mindfulness" and how important and effective it can be in focusing our daily lives.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Explained

October 2020: Wouldn't it be great if there was a simple process that could help you change your mood in an instant? There is!
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been used for decades to effectively treat anxiety, depression, stress and more.

Curious? Stay tuned to sign up for CBT workshops.

Sticking the Landing

April 2020, from The Epic Comeback Podcast

In this episode of The Epic Comeback Podcast with Nikki Bruno, Brooke shares her story about turning her devastating divorce into an unexpected new beginning, and the one coping tool that helps in any difficult situation.

Relationships: Requirements, Needs, and Wants Webinar (audio only)

March 2020: We Create Our Own Reality

We Create Our Own Reality - Brooke Miller
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Mindset: How Our Beliefs Manifest in Our Bodies

October 2019 Interview with Dr. Elena Villanueva