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Ready, Set, Go! Relationship Requirements, Needs and Wants

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

To support your dive into the Requirements, Needs and Wants exercise for MAXIMUM clarity about what YOU require and need to create lasting love, here are some examples of Relationship Requirements and Needs. Please keep in mind, these lists are not exhaustive, but it should help you get the ball rolling!

Remember, you are describing your Ideal RELATIONSHIP, not your Ideal Partner.

Sample List of Requirements

Accept/Appreciate Differences Negotiate Differences Positively

Addiction-Free Open Communication

Authenticity Organized

Balance of Giving & Receiving Passionate

Commitment to Self Awareness Physically Compatible

Common Vision/Purpose Proactivity in Relationship

Emotional Intimacy Reciprocity

Family Oriented Respect for Other's Feelings & Opinions

Financial Responsibility Responsive to Needs

Financially Secure Romance

Flexibility Sensuality

Good Listening Sexual Connection

Health-focused: Mind, Body & Spirit Shared Domestic Responsibility

Honesty Shared Financial Responsibility

Honor Each Other's Space Shared Dreams for Future

Independence Shared Primary Interest

Integrity Shared Sense of Adventure

Love Animals/Pets Shared Religious/Spiritual Beliefs

Love Children Shared Sense of Humor

Monogamy/Fidelity Sober Lifestyle

Mutual Emotional Support Spontaneity/Surprises

Mutual Respect Trust

Sample List of Needs

Functional Needs

Kept Agreements Shared Domestic Chores

Organization Financial Responsibility

Detail-Orientation Neatness/Cleanliness

Security-Consciousness Good Planning

Activities Initiated Good Communication

Pick Up After Self Care With Money

Respect for Other's Space Handy Around the House

Cooperation Completed Projects

Respect for Law Effective Co-Parenting Skills

Ability to Get Along With Others Compatible Co-Parenting Style

Non-Addiction Good Grooming/Dressing

Emotional Needs

Affection Quality Time

Consideration Emotional Safety

Support Surprises

Self-Disclosure Nurturing

Validation Generosity

Thoughtfulness Compliments

Commitment Active Listening

Trust Inquiry/Interest

Transparency Reciprocity

Heartfelt Sharing Sacrifice

Initiation Loyalty

Understanding Patience

Encouragement Optimism

Flexibility Appreciation

Prioritizing Relationship Acknowledgement

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